Top of the list will always be Audrey Hepburn. It's a given that Breakfast at Tiffany's will
be the 1st thing that pops into any decent fashion literate woman's mind but
her wardrobe in
Roman Holiday will always be the quintessential classy
in my books.
The Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Her name says it all. Grace, class, beauty.
A true princess. 
I've always been fond of men-inspired clothing. Nobody does it better
than Diane Keaton. She really dresses the part in
Annie Hall.
The textbook "bad girl". Bonnie and Clyde.
The pixie cut and breton stripes did it for me. Jean Serberg in Breathless.
Her simplicity is beautiful.
Marilyn Monroe will always be an icon of sultry and glamorous.
Men want her and women secretly want to be her.
You know what they say, blondes have more fun!
Olivia Newton John's transformation in Grease will always be memorable.
One of the reasons why Casino is one of my favorite movies is because of Ginger!
The deceitful, manipulative wife who dresses to impress.
Who can ever forget the scene wherein she tries on all her jewelry in the bank?

Ah, the epitome of young suburban wife. Who said you have to look like a
rag cloth when doing your groceries?
The stepford wives.
All the green clothes, the comfy wardrobe, oh and the lack therefore of it in Great Expectations.
Gwyneth is one stylish woman. (Eternally envious she's married to Chris Martin)
2 things you need to know about me: 1. i LOVE the beatles. 2. i'll always feel like a flower child of the 70s.
No one can resist the charms and laid back style of Penny Lane in
Almost Famous.
The history buff and fashionably sensible woman in me died a gazillion times when Elizabeth Taylor portrayed the role of Cleopatra.
Dress in such a way you feel empowered
Our own personal style varies depending on our influences.



Lately I've been changing my hair color like I'm changing socks.
Started off with dark brown to brown to golden brown 
and my latest experiment is coloring it Burgundy.
To tell you frankly, I've changed it so many
times and so often that I don't really know
what my real hair color is anymore!

Novelina Ladies Cream Hair Color is the perfect solution.
It's readily available in various supermarkets like 
all branches of Waltermart, NCCC, Gaisano, Tiongsan,
Alturas, South Emerald and many more nationwide.
You won't have any troubles grabbing one for
those people who need an affordable quick fix.

1 Natural Black
2 Asian Black
3 Dark Brown

4 Brown
5 Chestnut Brown

6 Golden Brown

7 Crimson Red

8 Burgundy

Most people don't have the luxury of visiting a salon
to get their hair retouched when their roots start to show or 
do a complete overhaul of their color. You can count
on Novelina to help you with that.
This is one of the reasons why I love Novelina.



2 rings very suitable for my Gemini personality. 
Bows are kinda my thing. Hahaha! Last Christmas I gave a bow necklace for my Giffies' white elephant exchange gift and it was the most unwanted gift of the night! BOOOOOO! I'll never hear the end of that story. Hahaha!
Maya bird! Maya bird! Maya bird! DaRth Vader and I have this made up song we catch ourselves singing whenever hunger strikes. Or when we just wanna annoy each other. Ergo the birth of the Maya Bird song.

Sometimes people question my femininty.
I don't know if its because I think like a guy or
my lack of interest in ladylike  activities
like shopping and getting all dolled up.
The few times I do gather the patience to shop around 
and reaffirm that i am indeed a lady, 
end up bringing home these babies!

Style is personal preference worn in confidence.



My daily mess.
Viv. My sturdy (and i mean sturdy and spacious) Vivienne Westwood purse.
I love how it's plaid. My love for vintage-ish feel for things reflects.
To maintain a wee bit of organization.
Top L-R: "kikay" (vanity) kit, yellow pochi wallet (i love it so much. Thanks
Rainbowbrite!), rosary wallet
Bottom L-R: coin purse which I use for my calling cards USB and company ID, pink card holder
My new fave! My old one used to be so bulky.
The ammo that keeps me from looking like an alien on a daily basis.
Top L-R: Gucci pouch, Olay moisturizer, black eyeliner, Prestige eyebrow pencil in Blonde (cannot live without this!!! Best thing ever invented. Charot.), Nyx lipstick in Iconic (my everyday shade. Lips looking naturally pink and plump!), Shu Uemura eyelash curler, some Php16.00 grey-ish nail polish I bought out of boredom and had lots of waiting time, avon lip moisturizer (the only one that works for me for some reason), J&J mini facial powder (skin goes on revolt whenever i use any pressed powder this seems to be the closest thing that works for me), Estee Lauder Projectionist black mascara.
Bottom L-R: Lorac gold shimmery eye shadow (whenever I need an instant subtle step up from the usual make up for a sudden occasion), Olive oil hair serum which works best when you apply just a little on wet hair (when hair gets dry its soft and frizz free), Nyx lipstick in Haute Melon (for those days when you need a pop of color), Nyx lipstick in Black Cherry (emergency lipstick of spontaneous night outs), Lancome Juicy Tube in a pink shade that's almost identical to my everyday lipstick.
I find it disturbing sometimes that I feel like my phones are like 2 extra thumbs that sprouted out of nowhere.
Used to always leave my white company phone in the office so no one would bother me after office hours but that didn't really help. Hahaha! And of course like anyone who owns a smartphone, we know we all have an affair with it. My habit of naming gadgets never gets old. Meet Barbra Streisand the Blackberry. 
And this is Ace Vergel my lappy. The kuracha netbook. I'm crippled without him. 
Vintage sunnies (fyi, just use the Aldo pouch because it's lightweight)
Givenchy cat's eye glasses. I bought it a looooooong time ago because in love with the frame!

Essentials to me but may not be for others. If you're really my friend you'd know I'M A POST IT FREAK. Won't even deny it. Carry 2 cheapass Panda ballpens in black (yes it has to be black) because for sure someone will always go  klepto on my pens, 2 lighters because we all know smokers always lose theirs and I always keep atleast 1 cigarette filter stashed in my purse somewhere. (Thanks DaRth Vader for the good habit  rub off!)
A few other things I lug around. A comb that I barely use it. LOL! My 13 year old mirror which obviously i'm attached to. Ipe the ipod and headset. Who can live without music? Definitely not me.
Grew up very religious. Ever since I can remember, it has been a habit that I carry a rosary with me wherever I go.
This rosary is from Rome and was given to me by my Mum on my 10th birthday.

A lady's purse is like a blackhole. 
Once something goes in, it may take awhile for it to
come out.
In my case, it's like Narnia's backdoor.
It'll take me forever to find whatever I need
but I'm certain its all just in there. Somewhere.

Finally figured out my superhuman mutant power.
Shoe and Bag destroyer.
Now you all know why!



The Italian section had a vast array of cold cuts and cheese and pastries.
My personal fave is the oven baked pizza!
This is the Korean foody section since they cater to numerous Korean guests.
Ahhh..carved roastbeef with your choice of sauce to top t off. I like the traditional mushroom gravy kind.
Front: curried veggies (M), baked brocoli in white sauce and cheese (R)
The ever trusty Chi comfort food. Variation of roasted pic, duck, pulled pork, freshly made dimsum. 
Personal preference is the hand made noodles for your make-your-own noodle dish.
Jap food!!!! A buffet would not be a buffet without Japanese food. 
Fresh seafood you can have cooked and served in a jiffy. Although I had a problem with their lobsters.
It was overcooked and rubbery.
Start the gluttonfest right and begin with a salad and the best, i repeat the best clam chowder ever!
I've always prefered soup over salad ergo the bias.
Baked oysters! Note: i did not consume all of that. No worries.
Roast beef! Enough said.
Baked salmon with lemon and herbs (UL), Really yummy baked brocoli with white sauce and cheese (UR)
LASAGNA!!!!! I feel like Garfield with a soft spot for this.
My dad enjoying his food.
Not a fan of sweets but I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the neatly arranged chocolates.
Ahh the holiday spirit!
More holiday sweets!

It wouldn't Pinoy of us if halo-halo was missing
Ice cream bar!
I couldn't stop laughing when among the sea of kids, I saw my dad at the ice cream bar with them.
Nothing fancy for me. Vanilla and chocolate sprinkles! YUM!
And..... POOF! Wiped out.
Every month Hyatt uses centerpieces from different foundations to help them profit and increase awareness.
Divine Healer Academy, Sorsogon.
Always have a pot of tea.
And of course LOTS OF ALKY!

I know its a ridiculously late post but it wouldn't
be fair if I didn't share a food blog post.
Christmas dinner at Hyatt's Market Cafe was warm, fuzzy and blurry (too much wine).
Nothing better than family, food and festivity!

Missing my brother who's in Aussie though.