Matronix (mat-tro-neeks):

1. wolfpack of Alcoholic Aunties made up of Rainbowbrite, Smurfette and 2 others we have no names for yet
2. commonly inflicted with One and Done disorder and masamang hangin syndrome;
3. tough exterior, mush interior 

Mantra (man-tra):

1.  a mystical formula of invocation or incantation (as in Hinduism)

Matronix Mantra#1
"Tried and tested, by hook or by crook, itaga mo sa bato.....gagapang din sila pabalik"

For some sick, strange twist of fate the people you least 
expect pop back in your life without the slightest 
forewarning.  Some of which have been pleasant 
surprises that came at the right time for the right reasons 
but there are just those random few that
makes you cringe and vomit a little
in your mouth. 

Ahh, the downfalls of so easily falling back into old habits.

Matronix Mantra#2
"The idea of SPAM makes me want to stay indoors all day. #spamnighttofeelalright"

When in doubt, eat SPAM. The ultimate comfort
food. Any matronix gathering would include
any of the numerous SPAM-integrated food selections
we perpetually crave for. 

The infamous SPAMuffins (note: thanks W!) SPAM-sugar are on top of the list.

Matronix Mantra#3
"Ayaw malamangan, ayaw magpalamang"

Never wants to play the victim role but 
always getting fooled by the good guy card.
Alas, the realization that you get what
you put up with. 

Don't settle. Don't be blinded. Don't get overexcited.