While on my laptop, working on the never ending 
post its of my to-do list, sipping on my 
wheatgrass, eating a peanutbutter and jelly
sandwich, emailing, calling on the landline yet I still found the 
time to BBM with my girls.
After bursts of momentary meltdown and surge
of pessimism along the convo (maybe i was just
multi-tasking too much or i have fat fingers) I accidentally typed 
Random thought. Relationship shopping.
We move from one relationship to the next, fit it on, try it on, 
bring it home, use it up, show our friends (Note: dont lend!) but in the end we dispose the ones with the most damage and 
keep the ones
that are strong enough to last.

Sometimes all you need is a pep talk (aka bitch slap) from your circle of trust.



For some odd reason this reminds me of the Midas Hotel lobby.
The Benecke Rare book and manuscript library: Yale University , New Haven CT   
Central Library: University of Technology; Delft, Netherlands
Codrington Library: All Souls College; Oxford, UK
Cornell Law School Library; Ithaca, NY
Beautiful and intricate ceiling panes.
Duke of Humphrey's Library, Boldeian Library: Oxford University; UK
Fleet Library; RISD, Rhode Isaland
Interesting modern wooden interiors. Very conducive for learning.
Galway Mayo Institute of Technology; Galway, Ireland
(Jaw drop) George Peabody Library: John Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD
In awe at this modern multi-level set up. 
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum Library: Humboldt University; Berlin, Germany 
From the exterior it can be mistaken for a stadium.
Come to think of it, its very energy efficient. Joe and Rika Mansueto Library: University of Chicago; IL 
(Goosebumps) Old library: St. John's College Cambridge University; Cambridge, UK
Retro yet modern feel to it.
Spherical is the new rectangle. Phililogical Library of the Free University; Berlin, Germany

Gothic yet modern. Perfect mesh of old meets new.
Pompeu Fabra University; Barcelona, Spain
Truly a perfect loft-like, multi-level solace for reading. If i were to have a library at home this would be it.
Pontifical Lateran University Library;
Rome, Italy
Queen's College Library: Oxford University, UK
Suzallo Library Reading room: University of Washington 

Tama Art University Tokyo Japan
The Geisel Library: University of California San Diego
The Harper Library Reading room: University of Chicago
The Trinity College Library aka The Long Room , Dublin
University of Michigan Law Library

University of Salamanca Library, Spain
Widener Library Hardvard University

Wren Library: Trinity College
<Source: Flavorwire's poll>

There's nothing more inspiring than 
something new and something old.

Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective.