Ex:    Hi, how have you been?

You:  Peachy without you. (end of convo. Char!) For the longest time I was     
        consumed with rage because of how things ended.  Tormented sequential 
          replays of signs when you started feeling differently towards me.  Though 
        I may still not fully understand why, I have come to accept it.     
        We haven't talked in awhile and this may come as a surprise to you.    
        Just wanted to tell you that I know you're overwhelmingly happy and 
        that I'm happy for you. You deserve someone who treats you equally 
        loved. For a long time I couldn't understand but God has a way of 
        paving things for His plans. 

(cue in: long pause)

        Maybe we were wrong all this time about each other, maybe we were 
        each other's way of finding the one (if there's such a thing). Atleast 
        we broadened our horizons and saw the greater scheme of things. Years 
        are too long to just disregard. I learned a lot and gained a friend, one of 
        the best I might say. Whatever hurtful words I might have said was 
        brought about uncontrolled emotions. We know each other well enough 
        to call each other friends.I know or hope I can still hold your word on 
        that. We may have not been right for each other but we're right for 
        someone we deserve. Keep safe.

Ex:    ah..eh..k k..

This is purely a hypothetical convo. 
There are some things better left unsaid.



The infamous Unicorn. (Note: Thanks J. Fizzle for this!)

Relationships are a matter of trial and error.
More often than not we like to
 see the
good in people
 and we fall victims to our own optimism.
The well-played "good guy card" is the common trap.
Guys who will give you romance, fireworks and treat you
like a freakin' lady are just mythical creatures.
A fire breathing dragon, a flying pig,
a unicorn.
Maybe they exist. Maybe I just haven't found mine. Maybe unicorns are just rhinos that got fat. Maybe they're there all along. Maybe there are just too many maybe's.

 Eternal optimist. Perpetual pessimist.
Find a middle ground.



Exchange of messages over BBM

(Cue in: usapang mabangong lalaki)

G1: isa ngang mabango to go. Hahaha!
    : Pwede upsize??

R: Pota! Upsize ba kamo?!?!?!?! Charot
  : Huy Smurfette bilis! Join the convo.....


S: Yessss! Or gwapo yung boses

(reminisces about a guy who became a crush because he smelled good)

S: Barista 3 venti mabangong borta for Ma'am Rainbowbrite to go!

(evil laughs filling BBM)

R: Rawwwrrrr....

G1: Would you like added whipped cream with that Ma'am?

R: Screw the whipped cream I'll go for a scoop of double dutch with that!
  : Nanggigigil ako! May naamoy akong mabango!

G2: Kiskis mo yan sa pader niiii 

S: Miss can I have extra packs of SHUGA with that?

G2: Mabango+gwapo boses pero kamukha ni (toot)

G1: uh, cancel nalang the order.

(yada yada yada convo too long about some borta...borta ang pusod)

G2: Borta and batak! 

R: (winning line of the night) Ayaw ko masyadong perfect...di niya maappreciate body ko.

(non-stop laughter)

S: Lethal combo yang may naaamoy  na mabango + alak na may betsin

G1: How about tattoos? Brandon Boyd-ish

R: Add ako P500 pag may sabunot

An in-depth look into what really occurs during girl talk
My girlfriends are insane.



Epic Opus Halloween with the gang
(L) J and P as Wonder woman and Ghost rider, (M) Mafia BFFs M and BJ got their guns confiscated, (R) Darth VadeR senses the dark force is strong with Astro(girl)boy
Ladies ready to kick some tushy!
Aaaaand for the win, B wins once again as the most unrecognizable person of the night!
Thanks stylebible.ph! Vote for sexy wonder woman Joyce in their Opus-Republiq Halloween poll!

Its definitely my favorite time of the year!
Astro(girl)boy can be checked off my crazy costume list. 
Halloween 2011 down, Halloween 2012 
better top this one!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!