My daily mess.
Viv. My sturdy (and i mean sturdy and spacious) Vivienne Westwood purse.
I love how it's plaid. My love for vintage-ish feel for things reflects.
To maintain a wee bit of organization.
Top L-R: "kikay" (vanity) kit, yellow pochi wallet (i love it so much. Thanks
Rainbowbrite!), rosary wallet
Bottom L-R: coin purse which I use for my calling cards USB and company ID, pink card holder
My new fave! My old one used to be so bulky.
The ammo that keeps me from looking like an alien on a daily basis.
Top L-R: Gucci pouch, Olay moisturizer, black eyeliner, Prestige eyebrow pencil in Blonde (cannot live without this!!! Best thing ever invented. Charot.), Nyx lipstick in Iconic (my everyday shade. Lips looking naturally pink and plump!), Shu Uemura eyelash curler, some Php16.00 grey-ish nail polish I bought out of boredom and had lots of waiting time, avon lip moisturizer (the only one that works for me for some reason), J&J mini facial powder (skin goes on revolt whenever i use any pressed powder this seems to be the closest thing that works for me), Estee Lauder Projectionist black mascara.
Bottom L-R: Lorac gold shimmery eye shadow (whenever I need an instant subtle step up from the usual make up for a sudden occasion), Olive oil hair serum which works best when you apply just a little on wet hair (when hair gets dry its soft and frizz free), Nyx lipstick in Haute Melon (for those days when you need a pop of color), Nyx lipstick in Black Cherry (emergency lipstick of spontaneous night outs), Lancome Juicy Tube in a pink shade that's almost identical to my everyday lipstick.
I find it disturbing sometimes that I feel like my phones are like 2 extra thumbs that sprouted out of nowhere.
Used to always leave my white company phone in the office so no one would bother me after office hours but that didn't really help. Hahaha! And of course like anyone who owns a smartphone, we know we all have an affair with it. My habit of naming gadgets never gets old. Meet Barbra Streisand the Blackberry. 
And this is Ace Vergel my lappy. The kuracha netbook. I'm crippled without him. 
Vintage sunnies (fyi, just use the Aldo pouch because it's lightweight)
Givenchy cat's eye glasses. I bought it a looooooong time ago because in love with the frame!

Essentials to me but may not be for others. If you're really my friend you'd know I'M A POST IT FREAK. Won't even deny it. Carry 2 cheapass Panda ballpens in black (yes it has to be black) because for sure someone will always go  klepto on my pens, 2 lighters because we all know smokers always lose theirs and I always keep atleast 1 cigarette filter stashed in my purse somewhere. (Thanks DaRth Vader for the good habit  rub off!)
A few other things I lug around. A comb that I barely use it. LOL! My 13 year old mirror which obviously i'm attached to. Ipe the ipod and headset. Who can live without music? Definitely not me.
Grew up very religious. Ever since I can remember, it has been a habit that I carry a rosary with me wherever I go.
This rosary is from Rome and was given to me by my Mum on my 10th birthday.

A lady's purse is like a blackhole. 
Once something goes in, it may take awhile for it to
come out.
In my case, it's like Narnia's backdoor.
It'll take me forever to find whatever I need
but I'm certain its all just in there. Somewhere.

Finally figured out my superhuman mutant power.
Shoe and Bag destroyer.
Now you all know why!