N and I prior to all the dancing shenanigans
Father says he cant busta move
Moves like J from the block
R's Happy Feet highlight of the night
I must admit his body rock dance (alone on the dance floor I must say) is admirable
The night is capped off by some jeje moves of course

It started out as a slow, steady night til
we hear our Kiri Crowd anthem Party Rock.
Great friends, great sounds and
great dance moves

Everyday I'm cuffling..... toootootooooot...
I love Saturday Slurrrr!



Currently nursing an injured ankle and i have
resorted to flip-flop footwear.
I miss wearing shoes! 
Heels are lovely to look at and make you feel empowered
in some sense.  Although nothing beats 
nice, easy-to-wear flats.
Currently giddy just by looking at this pair!
The ever-comfy bedroom slippers-ish with some spunk!

I bet no one will try to step on your feet when wearing these babies!