N and I prior to all the dancing shenanigans
Father says he cant busta move
Moves like J from the block
R's Happy Feet highlight of the night
I must admit his body rock dance (alone on the dance floor I must say) is admirable
The night is capped off by some jeje moves of course

It started out as a slow, steady night til
we hear our Kiri Crowd anthem Party Rock.
Great friends, great sounds and
great dance moves

Everyday I'm cuffling..... toootootooooot...
I love Saturday Slurrrr!



Currently nursing an injured ankle and i have
resorted to flip-flop footwear.
I miss wearing shoes! 
Heels are lovely to look at and make you feel empowered
in some sense.  Although nothing beats 
nice, easy-to-wear flats.
Currently giddy just by looking at this pair!
The ever-comfy bedroom slippers-ish with some spunk!

I bet no one will try to step on your feet when wearing these babies!



Ex:    Hi, how have you been?

You:  Peachy without you. (end of convo. Char!) For the longest time I was     
        consumed with rage because of how things ended.  Tormented sequential 
          replays of signs when you started feeling differently towards me.  Though 
        I may still not fully understand why, I have come to accept it.     
        We haven't talked in awhile and this may come as a surprise to you.    
        Just wanted to tell you that I know you're overwhelmingly happy and 
        that I'm happy for you. You deserve someone who treats you equally 
        loved. For a long time I couldn't understand but God has a way of 
        paving things for His plans. 

(cue in: long pause)

        Maybe we were wrong all this time about each other, maybe we were 
        each other's way of finding the one (if there's such a thing). Atleast 
        we broadened our horizons and saw the greater scheme of things. Years 
        are too long to just disregard. I learned a lot and gained a friend, one of 
        the best I might say. Whatever hurtful words I might have said was 
        brought about uncontrolled emotions. We know each other well enough 
        to call each other friends.I know or hope I can still hold your word on 
        that. We may have not been right for each other but we're right for 
        someone we deserve. Keep safe.

Ex:    ah..eh..k k..

This is purely a hypothetical convo. 
There are some things better left unsaid.



The infamous Unicorn. (Note: Thanks J. Fizzle for this!)

Relationships are a matter of trial and error.
More often than not we like to
 see the
good in people
 and we fall victims to our own optimism.
The well-played "good guy card" is the common trap.
Guys who will give you romance, fireworks and treat you
like a freakin' lady are just mythical creatures.
A fire breathing dragon, a flying pig,
a unicorn.
Maybe they exist. Maybe I just haven't found mine. Maybe unicorns are just rhinos that got fat. Maybe they're there all along. Maybe there are just too many maybe's.

 Eternal optimist. Perpetual pessimist.
Find a middle ground.



Exchange of messages over BBM

(Cue in: usapang mabangong lalaki)

G1: isa ngang mabango to go. Hahaha!
    : Pwede upsize??

R: Pota! Upsize ba kamo?!?!?!?! Charot
  : Huy Smurfette bilis! Join the convo.....


S: Yessss! Or gwapo yung boses

(reminisces about a guy who became a crush because he smelled good)

S: Barista 3 venti mabangong borta for Ma'am Rainbowbrite to go!

(evil laughs filling BBM)

R: Rawwwrrrr....

G1: Would you like added whipped cream with that Ma'am?

R: Screw the whipped cream I'll go for a scoop of double dutch with that!
  : Nanggigigil ako! May naamoy akong mabango!

G2: Kiskis mo yan sa pader niiii 

S: Miss can I have extra packs of SHUGA with that?

G2: Mabango+gwapo boses pero kamukha ni (toot)

G1: uh, cancel nalang the order.

(yada yada yada convo too long about some borta...borta ang pusod)

G2: Borta and batak! 

R: (winning line of the night) Ayaw ko masyadong perfect...di niya maappreciate body ko.

(non-stop laughter)

S: Lethal combo yang may naaamoy  na mabango + alak na may betsin

G1: How about tattoos? Brandon Boyd-ish

R: Add ako P500 pag may sabunot

An in-depth look into what really occurs during girl talk
My girlfriends are insane.



Epic Opus Halloween with the gang
(L) J and P as Wonder woman and Ghost rider, (M) Mafia BFFs M and BJ got their guns confiscated, (R) Darth VadeR senses the dark force is strong with Astro(girl)boy
Ladies ready to kick some tushy!
Aaaaand for the win, B wins once again as the most unrecognizable person of the night!
Thanks stylebible.ph! Vote for sexy wonder woman Joyce in their Opus-Republiq Halloween poll!

Its definitely my favorite time of the year!
Astro(girl)boy can be checked off my crazy costume list. 
Halloween 2011 down, Halloween 2012 
better top this one!

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did!



The Ber month season has finally arrived and
Halloween is already in my mind. Top 
the 70s mayhem of last year and go 
all ComiCon this year!

Astro....Astro cigarette.....
(Cue in: trumpet sound of radioactive sago project)



Matronix (mat-tro-neeks):

1. wolfpack of Alcoholic Aunties made up of Rainbowbrite, Smurfette and 2 others we have no names for yet
2. commonly inflicted with One and Done disorder and masamang hangin syndrome;
3. tough exterior, mush interior 

Mantra (man-tra):

1.  a mystical formula of invocation or incantation (as in Hinduism)

Matronix Mantra#1
"Tried and tested, by hook or by crook, itaga mo sa bato.....gagapang din sila pabalik"

For some sick, strange twist of fate the people you least 
expect pop back in your life without the slightest 
forewarning.  Some of which have been pleasant 
surprises that came at the right time for the right reasons 
but there are just those random few that
makes you cringe and vomit a little
in your mouth. 

Ahh, the downfalls of so easily falling back into old habits.

Matronix Mantra#2
"The idea of SPAM makes me want to stay indoors all day. #spamnighttofeelalright"

When in doubt, eat SPAM. The ultimate comfort
food. Any matronix gathering would include
any of the numerous SPAM-integrated food selections
we perpetually crave for. 

The infamous SPAMuffins (note: thanks W!) SPAM-sugar are on top of the list.

Matronix Mantra#3
"Ayaw malamangan, ayaw magpalamang"

Never wants to play the victim role but 
always getting fooled by the good guy card.
Alas, the realization that you get what
you put up with. 

Don't settle. Don't be blinded. Don't get overexcited.



I really want to be sitting on this chair this very moment!
<Source: desire to inspire>

 This is the kind of place I'd want to go to alone to.
Soul searching and inner peace.
Well,maybe my friend Blondie would be at the Villa next to mine
doing the exact same thing!

Definitely an Eat,Pray,Love kind of destination.


<Source: Thursday and Friday>

If money was not a factor, I'd get a Hermes Birkin in every color.
But this canvas tote with Birkin designs on its exterior will do.
This bag was named after Jane Birkin, an English-born actress and singer,back in 1984. On a flight from Paris to London,she 
complained to the passenger beside her that her 
Hermes datebook needed pockets after all her papers fell to 
the floor when she pulled it out of her bag.
Apparently that passenger was Jean-Louis Dumas, the chairman of Hermes.
 We are all muses.
You'll never know when you might have inspired someone.



Someone once told me that getting hurt was like 
a stain on a white sheet. Despite it being dominantly crisp and clean
you tend to see just the stain and the damage its done. 
Wash the sheet, change it or leave the stain.
Farewell 2010.

Here's to 2011 and new beginnings.