Ex:    Hi, how have you been?

You:  Peachy without you. (end of convo. Char!) For the longest time I was     
        consumed with rage because of how things ended.  Tormented sequential 
          replays of signs when you started feeling differently towards me.  Though 
        I may still not fully understand why, I have come to accept it.     
        We haven't talked in awhile and this may come as a surprise to you.    
        Just wanted to tell you that I know you're overwhelmingly happy and 
        that I'm happy for you. You deserve someone who treats you equally 
        loved. For a long time I couldn't understand but God has a way of 
        paving things for His plans. 

(cue in: long pause)

        Maybe we were wrong all this time about each other, maybe we were 
        each other's way of finding the one (if there's such a thing). Atleast 
        we broadened our horizons and saw the greater scheme of things. Years 
        are too long to just disregard. I learned a lot and gained a friend, one of 
        the best I might say. Whatever hurtful words I might have said was 
        brought about uncontrolled emotions. We know each other well enough 
        to call each other friends.I know or hope I can still hold your word on 
        that. We may have not been right for each other but we're right for 
        someone we deserve. Keep safe.

Ex:    ah..eh..k k..

This is purely a hypothetical convo. 
There are some things better left unsaid.

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