Exchange of messages over BBM

(Cue in: usapang mabangong lalaki)

G1: isa ngang mabango to go. Hahaha!
    : Pwede upsize??

R: Pota! Upsize ba kamo?!?!?!?! Charot
  : Huy Smurfette bilis! Join the convo.....


S: Yessss! Or gwapo yung boses

(reminisces about a guy who became a crush because he smelled good)

S: Barista 3 venti mabangong borta for Ma'am Rainbowbrite to go!

(evil laughs filling BBM)

R: Rawwwrrrr....

G1: Would you like added whipped cream with that Ma'am?

R: Screw the whipped cream I'll go for a scoop of double dutch with that!
  : Nanggigigil ako! May naamoy akong mabango!

G2: Kiskis mo yan sa pader niiii 

S: Miss can I have extra packs of SHUGA with that?

G2: Mabango+gwapo boses pero kamukha ni (toot)

G1: uh, cancel nalang the order.

(yada yada yada convo too long about some borta...borta ang pusod)

G2: Borta and batak! 

R: (winning line of the night) Ayaw ko masyadong perfect...di niya maappreciate body ko.

(non-stop laughter)

S: Lethal combo yang may naaamoy  na mabango + alak na may betsin

G1: How about tattoos? Brandon Boyd-ish

R: Add ako P500 pag may sabunot

An in-depth look into what really occurs during girl talk
My girlfriends are insane.


  1. I hate you! You should've include the censored ones!!!!

  2. Hahahahaha! TMI!!!! Plus the severity of all of the kabalastugan that transpired that night is too much! HAHAHAHAHA