Top of the list will always be Audrey Hepburn. It's a given that Breakfast at Tiffany's will
be the 1st thing that pops into any decent fashion literate woman's mind but
her wardrobe in
Roman Holiday will always be the quintessential classy
in my books.
The Grace Kelly in Rear Window. Her name says it all. Grace, class, beauty.
A true princess. 
I've always been fond of men-inspired clothing. Nobody does it better
than Diane Keaton. She really dresses the part in
Annie Hall.
The textbook "bad girl". Bonnie and Clyde.
The pixie cut and breton stripes did it for me. Jean Serberg in Breathless.
Her simplicity is beautiful.
Marilyn Monroe will always be an icon of sultry and glamorous.
Men want her and women secretly want to be her.
You know what they say, blondes have more fun!
Olivia Newton John's transformation in Grease will always be memorable.
One of the reasons why Casino is one of my favorite movies is because of Ginger!
The deceitful, manipulative wife who dresses to impress.
Who can ever forget the scene wherein she tries on all her jewelry in the bank?

Ah, the epitome of young suburban wife. Who said you have to look like a
rag cloth when doing your groceries?
The stepford wives.
All the green clothes, the comfy wardrobe, oh and the lack therefore of it in Great Expectations.
Gwyneth is one stylish woman. (Eternally envious she's married to Chris Martin)
2 things you need to know about me: 1. i LOVE the beatles. 2. i'll always feel like a flower child of the 70s.
No one can resist the charms and laid back style of Penny Lane in
Almost Famous.
The history buff and fashionably sensible woman in me died a gazillion times when Elizabeth Taylor portrayed the role of Cleopatra.
Dress in such a way you feel empowered
Our own personal style varies depending on our influences.

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