Lately I've been changing my hair color like I'm changing socks.
Started off with dark brown to brown to golden brown 
and my latest experiment is coloring it Burgundy.
To tell you frankly, I've changed it so many
times and so often that I don't really know
what my real hair color is anymore!

Novelina Ladies Cream Hair Color is the perfect solution.
It's readily available in various supermarkets like 
all branches of Waltermart, NCCC, Gaisano, Tiongsan,
Alturas, South Emerald and many more nationwide.
You won't have any troubles grabbing one for
those people who need an affordable quick fix.

1 Natural Black
2 Asian Black
3 Dark Brown

4 Brown
5 Chestnut Brown

6 Golden Brown

7 Crimson Red

8 Burgundy

Most people don't have the luxury of visiting a salon
to get their hair retouched when their roots start to show or 
do a complete overhaul of their color. You can count
on Novelina to help you with that.
This is one of the reasons why I love Novelina.

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