2 rings very suitable for my Gemini personality. 
Bows are kinda my thing. Hahaha! Last Christmas I gave a bow necklace for my Giffies' white elephant exchange gift and it was the most unwanted gift of the night! BOOOOOO! I'll never hear the end of that story. Hahaha!
Maya bird! Maya bird! Maya bird! DaRth Vader and I have this made up song we catch ourselves singing whenever hunger strikes. Or when we just wanna annoy each other. Ergo the birth of the Maya Bird song.

Sometimes people question my femininty.
I don't know if its because I think like a guy or
my lack of interest in ladylike  activities
like shopping and getting all dolled up.
The few times I do gather the patience to shop around 
and reaffirm that i am indeed a lady, 
end up bringing home these babies!

Style is personal preference worn in confidence.

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