The Italian section had a vast array of cold cuts and cheese and pastries.
My personal fave is the oven baked pizza!
This is the Korean foody section since they cater to numerous Korean guests.
Ahhh..carved roastbeef with your choice of sauce to top t off. I like the traditional mushroom gravy kind.
Front: curried veggies (M), baked brocoli in white sauce and cheese (R)
The ever trusty Chi comfort food. Variation of roasted pic, duck, pulled pork, freshly made dimsum. 
Personal preference is the hand made noodles for your make-your-own noodle dish.
Jap food!!!! A buffet would not be a buffet without Japanese food. 
Fresh seafood you can have cooked and served in a jiffy. Although I had a problem with their lobsters.
It was overcooked and rubbery.
Start the gluttonfest right and begin with a salad and the best, i repeat the best clam chowder ever!
I've always prefered soup over salad ergo the bias.
Baked oysters! Note: i did not consume all of that. No worries.
Roast beef! Enough said.
Baked salmon with lemon and herbs (UL), Really yummy baked brocoli with white sauce and cheese (UR)
LASAGNA!!!!! I feel like Garfield with a soft spot for this.
My dad enjoying his food.
Not a fan of sweets but I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the neatly arranged chocolates.
Ahh the holiday spirit!
More holiday sweets!

It wouldn't Pinoy of us if halo-halo was missing
Ice cream bar!
I couldn't stop laughing when among the sea of kids, I saw my dad at the ice cream bar with them.
Nothing fancy for me. Vanilla and chocolate sprinkles! YUM!
And..... POOF! Wiped out.
Every month Hyatt uses centerpieces from different foundations to help them profit and increase awareness.
Divine Healer Academy, Sorsogon.
Always have a pot of tea.
And of course LOTS OF ALKY!

I know its a ridiculously late post but it wouldn't
be fair if I didn't share a food blog post.
Christmas dinner at Hyatt's Market Cafe was warm, fuzzy and blurry (too much wine).
Nothing better than family, food and festivity!

Missing my brother who's in Aussie though.

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