Menchunary (mehn-choo-na-ree)
1. Root words. menchu refering to a code name for someone; dictionary

2. A reference source list of menchu inspired words

3. Inside joke between Blondie and I


Menchubee (meant-to-be):
1. Syn. soulmate
2. Ant. someone not meant to be
3. Used in a sentence. Oo,para lang menchubee.

Menchura (may-ichura)
1. Translation. has the looks
2. Syn. goodlooking
3. Ant. fugly

Menchudancer (macho-dancer)
1. Translation. a guy who dances BBP-like 
2. Syn. agogo dancer
3. Use in a sentence. Yung katawan niya pang-menchudancer.

Mencha (female menchu)
1. Translation. a woman counter part of menchu; a she-male; girl equivalent of a ladies' man, maginoo pero talagang bastos
2. Syn. Blondie
3. Ant. Ice

Menchunurin (masunurin)
1. Translation. willing to obey
2. Syn. obedient, velcro
3. Use in a sentence. Mabuti nang menchunurin kesa manloloko. 

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